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Kenrokutei Oyado is a preeminent ‘single-occupancy’ establishment in Kanazawa, available as an exclusive machiya (townhouse) for individual use and accommodating a solitary guest per day. This two-story abode features two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and an open-plan bathroom with garden views, offering ample privacy and spaciousness for families or close acquaintances.

Operated by authentic Kanazawa volunteers, who have meticulously renovated, constructed and designed the property, Kenrokutei Oyado is conveniently located a mere five-minute stroll from Kenrokuen Garden and within easy walking distance of numerous tourist destinations.

外観 兼六亭 御宿 一棟貸し切りの町家
バスルーム 兼六亭 御宿 一棟貸し切りの町家

Kenrokutei Oyado served as the dwelling of Kiyama Sukeemon during the Kan’ei era in Edo (1603-1868). Hailing from Kanazawa, Kiyama Sukeemon labored as a draper in Edo for nineteen years before residing in Kanazawa for the rest of his life. This cherished abode remains a testament to the historical legacy of Kanazawa till this day.

Utilize Kenrokutei Oyado, a machiya (townhouse) that embodies the essence of Kanazawa, for exploring and engaging in various activities during your visit to the city.


ADDRESS: 5-26 Kosyou-machi Kanazawa Ishikawa Japan 920-0932
TEL* +81-76-261-3783





バスルーム – BATH ROOM

寝室1 – BED ROOM 1

寝室2 – BED ROOM 2




兼六亭 御宿の歴史

The location of Kenrokutei Oyado is meticulously depicted in ancient maps such as the “Ehon Kanazawa-zu” and “Enpō Kanazawa-zu” that depict where Kanazawa’s townspeople lived.

The current location of Kenrokutei Oyado is marked with a cross (+) symbol. Although difficult to read, the location is written as “Kiyama Sukeemon.” Kiyama Sukeemon was born during the Tenshō era as the daughter of Kiyama Chūbei and the granddaughter of Koizumi Kanbei. The Kiyama family was a relatively large and prominent household that possessed 500 koku.

Having a connection to Edo, Kiyama Sukeemon worked as a courtesan in Edo for 19 years in the service of the fourth Tokugawa shogun, Ietsuna, while he was still young. His 19 years in Edo allowed him to escape a death sentence that he would have otherwise faced, and he lived to be 105 years old. His mother also lived over 100 years. The “Kenrokutei Oyado” is a precious inn that embodies the story of a long and prosperous life in Kanazawa.


兼六亭 御宿周辺

Kenrokuen Garden

兼六園 兼六亭 御宿 一棟貸し切りの町家

Kenrokuen the iconic tourist destination in Kanazawa, is accessible within a 5-minute walk. It is recommended to take a leisurely morning stroll during its free admission hours

Kanazawa Castle

金沢城 兼六亭 御宿 一棟貸し切りの町家

The Kanazawa Castle is situated a mere 5-minute walk from Kenrokutei Oyado. It is advisable to visit both the castle and Kenrokuen in a single trip. Taxi transportation is also available on request.

21st Century Museum

金沢21世紀美術館 兼六亭 御宿 一棟貸し切りの町家

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa is conveniently located adjacent to Kenrokuen and can be reached within a 10-minute walk from Kenrokutei Oyado.

Kenrokutei Oyado is situated a mere 5-minute walk from the iconic Kenrokuen. The location offers easy access to the major tourist attractions in Kanazawa, including the Kanazawa Castle, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, and more, all within walking distance.



NAMEKenrokutei Oyado
ADDRESS5-26 Kosyou-machi Kanazawa Ishikawa Japan 920-0932
ACCESS– 15 minutes by car from Kanazawa Station.
– Free parking available for a car
Check-in15:00 PM – 21:00 PM
CHeck-out11:00 AM